One of the specific purposes of the STARS 21st Century Learning Grant is to offer families of students served by community learning centers opportunities for literacy and related education development. English as a Second Language classes provide necessary and helpful instruction with non-English backgrounds. Our STARS 21st Century Learning Grant ESL Class is designed to assist the families of our community with the acquisition of the English Language. Enrollment will be Monday, October 16th at the Kingfisher Memorial Library. Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Kingfisher Memorial Library, one of the STARS 21st Century Learning Grant Partners. In a welcoming environment at Kingfisher Memorial Library, the STARS 21st Century Learning Grant will provide level-appropriate materials, programs and instructors for this family and community engagement class.
During the course of the class families will also sign up for library cards and receive an orientation to the library’s services, collections, and programs.  Family and Community Engagement classes will meet two days each week for approximately two hours each day. Our first will be a beginning level ESL class.​